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Growing Green Bond

May 17th 2005 Primary Ballot Question

Election Results: Voters responded YES to the ballot question.

The Pennsylvania state Senate has approved legislation to ask voters whether they want to approve borrowing $625 million to increase government spending on environmental initiatives. 

House Bill 2 called for the following question on the 2005 primary ballot:

"Do you favor authorizing the Commonwealth to borrow up to $625,000,000, for the maintenance and protection of the environment, open space and farmland preservation, watershed protection, abandoned mine reclamation, acid mine drainage remediation and other environmental initiatives?" 

Registered voters considered --

More than 12,000 miles of Pennsylvania rivers are listed as polluted – more than any other state in the nation.  Pennsylvania ranks first in the nation in toxins discharged into rivers and streams, which serve as the source of drinking water for 3/4 of the state.

Rapid development has already destroyed half of Pennsylvania’s farmland.  Pennsylvania is 5th in the nation for land lost to development while at the same time its population growth rate is among the slowest of all 50 states.

Pennsylvania has at least 5,000 abandoned mines that are leaking toxic chemicals into drinking water supplies for Pennsylvania cities and towns.

Every registered voter could vote on this bond question. That meant even people who are registered as Independents or with other parties.

With voters approving the bond question, legislators and the governor will work out the limit on how much the Commonwealth can borrow each year.  Such implementing legislation will also determine the county/local share of funds.

Use of this letter from The Farm Park Preservation Association, Inc. as a political endorsement is strictly  prohibited as required by law under Section 501©(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

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