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Planned 2005 Norristown Farm Park Master Plan Review

The Norristown Farm Park's 1992 Master Plan was created by the Montgomery County Planning Commission and reflects the joint efforts of state, local and county lawmakers and community activists.  The master plan is expected to be updated in 2006 (note this is a change from the previous target of 2005) by the commission as part of a strategic planning effort the County has begun for its parks and historic sites.  The FPPA has reviewed the parks existing master plan and intends to submit its recommendations to the commission for their consideration.

The FPPA believes that the current plan served as a good starting point and was successful in getting the park founded. There are aspects of the plan, however, that the FPPA believes contradict the park's goals and, if implemented, would significantly alter the park's character.

The FPPA's vision of the Farm Park, keeps its 690 acres, in large part, as they are today.  The FPPA supports many aspects of the parks existing master plan, such as the proposed development of the dairy barn complex and picnic area, the relocation of the PAL ball field to Sterigere Street, and the existence of the Farm Park Advisory Committee to review and advise the park's administrators regarding policies and operations.

The FPPA believes that there are two primary aspects of the 1992 Master Plan that should be revised.  These are reducing the amount of active recreation areas in the interior of the park and designing the roadways within the park to not interconnect.  The park was created with the stated goal of providing passive recreation such as biking, fishing and walking in an agricultural setting.  The park has that character today and the FPPA believes that most visitors to the park would like it to remain that way. Interconnecting the interior roadways increases traffic speeds within the park and encourages through traffic from motorists using the park as a short cut. 

Deer Hunt

On June 6, 2005, the Montgomery County Parks Department announced that this fall it will conduct a two-day hunt this fall of Whitetail deer in Norristown Farm Park in an effort to reduce the herd.

The Board of the FPPA is convinced that controlling the deer herd size is essential for maintaining ecological balance and meeting the long-term goals of the Norristown Farm Park.

On April 22, 2005, the FPPA Board presented two suggestions to the Norristown Farm Park Advisory Board and offered to assist with these initiatives to help manage the impact of the current rapid expansion of the deer herd at NFP if the Advisory Board chooses to pursue these recommendations.  The Executive Summary of FPPA's presentation stated that:

      The FPPA is proposing two initiatives to help manage the deer herd at NFP and its impact

o       Use of the Strieter-lite reflector system to reduce the rate of deer-car collisions on perimeter roads

o       The use of immunocontraception to directly manage herd size

      Both of these techniques have proven successful in many areas of the US but are underutilized in Pennsylvania

      NFP is well positioned to take a leadership role in using effective, modern techniques for managing deer populations in suburban settings in Pennsylvania.

FPPA offered to provide maintenance for the reflectors which is necessary for their effective functioning. The Farm Park Advisory Committee was also informed that FPPA has been in touch with five foundations willing to fund immunocontraception at the Norristown Farm Park.

For more information on this topic, especially the details of the Strieter-lite reflector system and the immunocontraception, see the Spring Newsletter.


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